Diet during post natal period in Ayurveda is designed in such a way to balance the vata dosha. The digestive system is also very sensitive during the period, so Ayurveda insists of start with eating easily digestable food and gradually go back to regular diet towards the end of confinement period.

  • Warm, fresh, oily foods that tastes sweet like honey, rice, fresh fruits are focused.
  • Cold foods are avoided as they are hard to digest and will draw water from the body causing constipation and promote gas formation.
  • Timing and quantity of meals are another important factors. There should be 5 hours gap between each meal.
  • Dried fruits can be taken.
  • Kashayams, arishtas and lehyams will be given to the mother to rebuilt the resistance power, increasing the lactation and rejuvenate the body after delivery.