PRASAVA RAKSHA by NEEROZHUKKIL VAIDYASALA Since 1910 – The Complete Ayurveda Mother & Baby care. The idea was conceived by Dr. Parvathy Sabu, Ayurvedic Physician.

PRASAVA RAKSHA offers bespoke treatments & services for pre and post natal mother and baby care.

Ayurveda pre and post natal care in cochin.

India’s first traditional ayurvedic post natal care provides:

  • Pregnancy care in cochin.
  • Post delivery mother and baby care in cochin.
  • Baby massage in cochin – complimentary with every post natal package.
  • Natural products prepared in the most authentic way.
  • Trained therapist.
  • Home service
  • Free doctor consultation
  • Free post partum diet chart.

Indulge in our post delivery care and baby massage at the convenience of your home.

PRASAVA RAKSHA has clubbed with the premium Ayurvedic products – PAARAMPARYA AYURVEDA, A true celebration of Kerala’s tradition, Paaramparya means traditional, is 100% natural, with high quality herbs, prepared in the traditional way.


PRASAVA RAKSHA – A heritage of neerozhukkil vaidyasala since 1910.

Neerozhukkkil vaidyasala has a legacy of more than 100 years.

Neerozhukkil vaidyasala aim is to provide proper care to new moms and babies in the most traditional way.

Since years , Neerozhukkil vaidyasala was specialized in Bala chikitsa – pediatrics.

The oils and herbs used for our new moms and babies are prepared and preserved at our vaidyasala with premium quality herbs, in the most traditional way without any adulterants.