• PREGNANCY CARE – Ayurveda prescribes specific nutritional measures for the growth & protection of the women, to keep her vitals normal. An ayurvedic approach towards motherhood, pregnancy& childbirth is indeed a holistic one. It provides you with overall wellness and decreases complication during delivery
    • POSTPARTUM MASSAGES – According to Ayurveda, the process of child delivery is caused due to Vata Gathi. Vata will be immensely increased soon after delivery. This care helps to balance Vata & to strengthen the mother both physically and mentally.
    • POSTPARTUM HERBAL BATH – Medicated hot water or steam bath is practiced during the postpartum period. It helps to strengthen your lower back, ligaments, joints etc. it smoothens skin & relieves pain.
    • BABY CARE – A warm oil massage after the umbilical cord falls off is one of the best things you can do for your baby, which starts at the head and ends at the feet. Also, it includes baby exercises like cycling the legs and flexing the legs against the belly etc.
    • POSTNATAL ABDOMINAL BINDING – Ayurveda has a special belly wrapping technique. Along piece of fine cotton cloth is wrapped around the abdomen a few times and pulled snug without tightening too much. This helps to strengthen the back and restore muscle and organs (uterus).
    • POST PREGNANCY SLIMMING THERAPY – Weight gain during pregnancy affects the mother in many ways. It affects her self-confidence to the core leading to depression other issues. Ayurvedic weight loss ensures to offer the safest as well as the most effective care.
    • FEEDING TECHNIQUES – In the current era many of the new mothers are not so aware of breastfeeding, our experts will instruct and guide them with healthy breastfeeding techniques.
    • PRENATAL AND POSTNATAL DIET – According to Ayurveda after delivery, the activities of Vata will go randomly that affects the digestive fire of a mother, that leads to indigestion, gastritis etc. during consultation our experts will re-correct all their digestive issues.
    • POSTABORTION CARE – According to an analysis, nearly one in four women of childbearing age will most likely have an abortion before the age of 45. Abortion is the termination of pregnancy, where the foetus is unable to survive in the womb either due to physical or mental factors. Abortion care also included in our treatment procedures.
  • Particular yoga postures and pranayama techniques will help to reduce complications during delivery. It helps to improve oxygenation in the body of mom to be so that will get rid of pre-eclampsia.

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